10 Tips For Higher Ending Prices and to Sell More on eBay

When it comes to selling on eBay, there’s a lot more to just listing products and hoping to get orders. If you want to sell more products on eBay, you need to be strategic about listing your products and marketing. You need to take care about the type of product you list, how you list the product, and how you deal with your customers to get a good return on investment and efforts. 

Whether you are new to eBay or a veteran on the platform, every seller is seeking ways to sell more products and boost sales.

Below are ten tips for higher ending prices and selling more on eBay.

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Sell the Right Products

The right product includes:

Products permitted by eBay: Before selling your products on eBay, check the site’s selling policy to ensure it’s allowed to sell on the site.

Easy to Ship Products: Focus on products that aren’t so bulky. Items like furniture and Chinawares are bulky and delicate. They pose more trouble than it’s worth. If you want to deal with such items, consider the ‘local pickup only’ option. The option limits your buyers to people who live close by. 

Rare Items: People don’t shop on eBay for products they can get in their local stores. They go on eBay when they need a specific item that is hard to get elsewhere. Therefore, sell items that you know that shoppers can only find online.

Optimize item descriptions for SEO

Your product description should be able to give all the necessary detail about your product and should also feature every word or search term that customers will likely enter to find your product. Include information that customers might want to ask, like size, dimension, or specification of the product. 

Also, ensure that your description is SEO-friendly. One way to make your description SEO-friendly is to front-load your description with the most important keywords. Also, write the most important details about your product at the top because customers pay more attention to the first few sentences of your product description.

Use Good Photos 

It is crucial to include a well-captured photograph of your product and not just some picture you got from a catalog. One vital skill you would have to develop to sell more on eBay is photography. A well-staged photo has the potential to increase the final price of your product significantly. 

The essential element of a good product image includes good lighting, an excellent background, and capturing as much detail as possible. If there’s anything that will worth your time and investment, it is learning how to capture great product images.

Establish Trust 

To sell more on eBay, you need to establish trust in your product and brand by including information about yourself, your store, and your policies. Also, include a photo of yourself. Buyers want to know who they’re dealing with. Display reviews, testimonials, and other positive feedback in your listings to showcase credibility.

Keep Prices Low When You Launch a New Product

When you list a new product in your store, especially if it’s a popular product, keep the price lower than your competitor’s. Savvy shoppers tend to pay close attention to cost and may choose to display search results from lowest to most expensive. Having a lower-priced item ensures that your product shows up at the top of the list. 

When you do this, you may have little to no profit margin at first, but you will have a quick turnover and climb higher in eBay’s default organic search results. Once you get to the top or at least close to the top, you can raise the price and start enjoying your reward for patience.

Share Your Listing on Social Media

To reach more people and potential buyers, you need to share your listings on social media. When you share your product on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you get more eyes on the items you have for sale. Also, you can run ads on social media sites targeting a specific demographic and redirecting them to your listing on eBay.

Research Your Sold Items 

Search for items you’re selling, and navigate to the “Show Only” heading in the left menu bar. Under the “show only” heading in the left menu bar, check off the box next sold items. When you apply this filter, it limits your search results to sold listings only. Start browsing and look out for products similar to yours. When you see a high-priced sale, take note of the following and apply them to your listing:

  • List your product with a starting price similar to the sold item with the highest ending price 
  • Snap similar photos from the same angles
  • Try to describe your product similarly 
  • Check the day of the week the highest selling product ended, and set yours accordingly

Keep in mind that if people aren’t bidding on items similar to yours, the chances are that they won’t bid on yours. Remember to sell only the right items on eBay, as we mentioned in tip one.

Offer free 30-day returns

Offering your customers the option to return items for free for up to 30 days doesn’t only benefit the customer but also makes your listing more appealing. It shows customers that you are confident about your product. Offering 30 days return also makes you eligible for eBay’s Top Rated program, which gives you access to the Top Rated seal that shows boldly in both the search results and your listing. This can mean more sales of your product since both eBay and the customers trust your business.

Become A PowerSeller

Achieving the status of PowerSeller is one of the fastest ways to sell more on eBay. However, getting there may not be so easy. The PowerSeller status is much coveted by eBay sellers and is hard-earned. eBay automatically issues you with this status to show customers that you are serious about what you sell and provide a top-quality experience to buyers. 

The PowerSeller status is earned based on seller statistics; therefore, you cannot apply to get it. Here are the criteria you must meet to achieve this status:

  • Maintain a positive rating of over 98%
  • Sell over 100 items, with over $3,000 in sales in the last 12 months 
  • Stay in eBay for at least 90 days

Maintain a High Seller Rating to Avoid Fees

When you sell your product on eBay, you pay a certain percentage of the sale to eBay. The flat fee for most items is 10%. However, you can be charged an additional 4% when you don’t get a good rating from your buyer. If many buyers leave a low rating, or if they return items because they are “not as described” or broken, you could get hit with this fee, thereby losing a significant amount in the process. 

Therefore, to minimize fees on eBay, you must try as you can to maintain a Top Rated ranking as a seller. Additionally, being a Top Rated seller will make your listing more appealing, bringing you more customers and sales in the process.

Finally, don’t forget to mention the imperfections in your product, if any. Failure to do so will open you up to buyers who will complain about it and request a refund, which will lead to a low rating and little or no sales. To protect yourself against such occurrences, mention the dent in your product in writing as part of your product description. Engage the above tips to enjoy higher ending prices and more sales on eBay.

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